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With the demo version you can explore the whole program, but it is not possible to saveyour work and annoying screens appear from time to time.

Download Demo Version

Graphic Calculus VUStat Mindmap
English gcengdemo.zip   vustatengdemo.zip mindmapengdemo.zip
French vugraphefrdemo.zip vustatfrdemo.zip to appear
Italian gcitdemo.zip to appear to appear
Portuguese graficospordemo.zip   to appear to appear
Spanish *graficosspdemo.zip vustatspdemo.zip to appear
Arab *gcarabdate to appear to appear
Malaysian gcmydate.zip to appear to appear
Turkish gktrdate.zip to appear to appear

* indicates that the translation is in progress.

Help files are currently only available in English.

If you wish to help with a translation, please contact Piet van Blokland