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Graphic Calculus is a suite of programs  to help students of different ages with the visualization, exploration and conceptualization of  mathematical concepts. 

  • Graphic Calculus has a powerful graph plotter
  • Students can test their knowledge of graphs in finding the formula
  • The option Line draws a line through two points and shows the changes of the formula as the point moves. 
  • With Parabola you can draw the graph of a quadratic equation through two points. 
  • In the module Exponential functions, the effects of changing of the parameters on the graph is shown. 
  • Trigonometric functions show the construction of the sine, cosine and tangent from the unit circle.
  • Diagram of change show the decrease and increase in different ways. 

Advanced parts of the program

  • Gradient shows the drawing of a slope in a specific point as well as the graph of a gradient function. 
  • Area shows the area under a graph and calculates its value. Area shows the area function of a given graph. 
  • In first order differential equations the direction field and the solution through any starting point is plotted. 
  • Functions of two variables plots perspective drawings of surfaces z=f(x,y), either in 3D or as level lines.  
  • The Cob-Web graph to solve f(x)=x. 
  • Taylor polynomials  to approximate functions with polynomials. 
  • Financial mathematics to visualize present value of an annuity or a bond. 
  • Linear Programming will solve lp-problems straightforward. 
  • Complex functions represents complex functions w=f(z), like sin(z), by drawing figures in the z-plane and their image in the w-plane.

There are plenty of possibilities to adjust the program to the mathematical competency of your students. The program should especially benefit starting students.

Download DEMO and manual to get a good impression of the value of the software for mathematical education. The manual contains a lot of ideas to use the program.

The visualisation of parameter is an interesting paper of Carel van de Giessen about the different ways parameters are used in mathematical education. Some lessons in Standard functions with Graphic Calculus


Graph plotter

  • Drawing graphs and curves in parameter representation
  • Axes can have labels such as cost, height etc.  If your schoolbook uses word variables in graphs, your graph plotter ought to do the same
  • Graphic Calculus is using familiar mathematics notation
  • Sliding parameter
  • Calculate tables
  • Zooming and trace



Finding the formulae

  • Draw the graph of an unknown function and guess the formula. Make your own collection of exercises.