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ShowMap is a program to present geographical data in schools and for the exploration of geographical data by students. Due to the ease of use, map has made it possible to do their own research within the limits of a school surroundings (not much time, not much computer literacy). 

  • ShowMap displays several kind of diagrams. Colored, bar charts, pie charts and population diagrams
  • ShowMap displays several maps simultaneously. Easy for comparing variables or countries.  
  • Maps with useable (population, cattle, pollution, unemployment etc etc etc) geographical data come with ShowMap. The following example maps can be downloaded and are free of use. Belgium, Europe, Africa, West Asia, South Asia , South East Asia
  • Supports five levels of data 
  • Create your own maps and data. With MapMaker it is easy to make your own maps of your own environment. Download MapMaker (freeware)
  • Natural connection between VuStat and ShowMap. Data collected in VuStat can be aggregated and exported to ShowMap. For example the maps below are made based on a dataset of Eurometers

There are some examples below of what you can expect from MapMaker.

Download the date-limited version of ShowMap (works for a year!) to get a good impression of the value of Map for you.

A manual in English is available. Download


Population in Europe

Comparing two regions, population France and Germany

Comparing two variables, population and unemployment in the United Kingdom

Population South East Asia