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Make it easier!

Student do not learn much about math or statistics when their teacher is searching for files or wrestling with Windows. This is where the Digibook comes in, it is a shell program that guides other programs to exactly where you want to be.


Digibook is a shell program. You work in Digibook, the program starts the programs you want to work with, with the right files and settings. You can, for instance, make Digibook start Excel with a particular file so that the teacher or student can start working immediately. Our experience is that Digibook helps the students and the teachers to focus on the learning and not on the operating of the computer. Digibook can be used with the VuSoftware (Graphic Calculus, VuStat etc.) but also with programs like PowerPoint and Excel.

Digibook helps both the teachers and students

Makes it easier for the teachers.
Teaching with computers is not an easy job for teachers, some teachers only use the computer occasionally and struggle with it all the time. With the program Digibook it is just one click and the programs start in the right section with the right file and the right settings. In this situation the teacher can put his attention away from the computer and focus on the discussion with the class, that is were the most valuable learning experiences comes from. Students do not learn from a teacher searching files and tackling all kind of technical problems.

Makes it easier for the students
The Digibook makes it absolutely clear what the students should do next and thus helps the student go through the exercises. The explanation text that comes with an exercise will be much shorter because setting the exercise up is so much simpler. Digibook starts the right module with the right file the student does not spend time finding spot in the program or has to browse through network drives to find the right file. Digibook is very helpfull in a computer class environment but also when making homework. Some students are computer experts, but a lot of them are not. For the students of the last category the environments should be as simple as possible. The math learning is what it is all about.

On-top texts

The Digibook also has the ability to let On-top text appear in a window inside a program, for instance in programs like Graphic Calculus, VUStat, MindMap. With the On-top texts you can add for instance, information to help use a program, help for students, formulating the task, etcetera.

Digibook starts other programs

  • Graphic Calculus 
  • VuStat 
  • PowerPoint. 
  • All files attached by windows to programs. So for example DOC files associated with word. Word will start with the assigned word file. The same with HTML files associated with Internet explorer, AVI files etcetera
  • Programs defined by the user.


There are actually two programs: Digibook is the program users interact with. Digibookmaker creates and manipulates the Digibook. The program Digibook is freeware. The program DigibookMaker is not freeware.

There is a short installation guide, which shows how to install this software and how to adjust the *.STG files to your situation. 

You can download from this site

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